New Recycling Program at LL&P!

Lowell Light & Power is excited to announce our new recycling program! We’ll take your old appliances and give you a rebate in return. Listed below are the accepted appliances, along with the requirements needed for the rebate.

*All Appliances must be in working condition to receive the rebate.

Refrigerators: 10ft-30ft           Rebate: $50
Freezers: 10-30ft                    Rebate: $50
Air Conditioners:                     Rebate: $15
Dehumidifiers:                         Rebate: $15

Pickup for appliances will occur the third Tuesday of every month. You must call ahead to schedule a time. Contact Sharon Morris at [email protected] or at 616.421.2514.

*Must be a Lowell Light & Power customer to participate.
*Customers limited to two large and two small appliances per year.