Municipally Owned Electric Utility

Public Power means your electric system is owned and operated in your interest by the City of Lowell.  

In the early 1900’s as cities and towns moved into the electric age, most communities developed and operated their own municipally owned electric systems, making their own local decisions about how their system should be operated. 

Over time, many communities sold their systems to holding companies that grew into large investor-owned corporations. These electric utility conglomerates now serve large areas and are operated with the priority of generating profits and growing the corporation’s value for its stockholders.  

Like 40 other cities, towns and villages in Michigan, Lowell resisted the temptation to sell its electric utility. Your community continues to own and operate Lowell Light and Power, for the benefit of the citizens of Lowell; the system’s owners and customers.  It’s a tradition that’s worked for over 120 years.

Lowell Light & Power

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