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Lowell Light and Power is one of 18 member communities in the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA).   Established as a Joint Action Agency, the MPPA gives Lowell and other member communities the opportunity to work together, to jointly invest in, own and operate larger and more economical electric generating and transmission facilities. Together the MPPA member communities share the benefits gained by the group’s combined ‘economy of scale’. 

Within MPPA, Lowell has benefited from its investment and ownership interests in Ottawa County’s Campbell 3 plant and St. Clair County’s Belle River generation plant (which MPPA owns together with majority owners Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison respectively).  

Together with MPPA partner cities of Traverse City, Petoskey, Charlevoix, and Harbor Springs, Lowell jointly owns and operates the Kalkaska Combustion Turbine generation project, providing the electricity needed during peak usage periods.  The Kalkaska plant generates electricity with power from two aircraft type jet engines fueled by natural gas.  

Lowell Light and Power purchased a portion of its electricity .2 MW from American Muncipal Power, better known as AMP Ohio.  They own and operate electrical facilities with the purpose of providing generation and transmission to its members.  AMP is similar to MPPA (Michigan Public Power Agency) only larger.  Members of AMP come from six states.  The AMP Fremont project is a natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) facility.  It has a base rating of 512 MW and is comprised of two generating units.  An additional 163 MW will also be available using "duct firing" (heat that is recovered from a heat stream which then can produce steam which then can produce steam which can be used with a steam turbine generator). 

Lowell Light & Power

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