Lowell Light & Power
127 N Broadway, Lowell MI, 49331
ph: 616-897-8402 - fax: 616-897-4082

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General Manager - Steve Donkersloot 
(Overall management of operations, facilities, staff and administration of policies)
Electric Distribution and Transmission Manager - Ryan Teachworth
(Oversees entire distribution and generation system and associated staff)

Financial and Office Managers - Megan Keyser and Julie Stewart
(Accounting, billing, customer service and associated staff)

Utility Services Coordinator - Sharon Morris
(Energy optimization, client relations and associated staff)


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Lowell Light & Power

127 N. Broadway  •  Lowell, MI 49331  •  Phone: 616.897.8402  •  Fax: 616.897.4082  •  www.lowell-light.org

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