• Check for outlets that have loose fitting plugs, which can overheat and lead to fire. 
  • Never remove the ground pin (third prong) to make a three prong plug fit into a two-prong outlet. 
  • Never force a plug into an outlet if it doesn’t fit; 
  • Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances 
  • Make sure there are safety covers on all unused outlets that are accessible to children. 


  • Make sure that cords aren’t frayed or cracked. 
  • Cords should never be nailed or stapled to the wall, baseboard, or to another object. 
  • Don’t place cords in high traffic areas or under carpets or beneath rugs or furniture. 


  • Check the wattage of all light bulbs in light fixtures to make sure that they are the correct wattage for the size of the fixture. 
  • Replace bulbs that have higher wattage than recommended. 
  • Make sure light bulbs are screwed in securely- loose bulbs can overheat. 


  • Circuit breakers and fuses should be the correct size current rating for their circuit. 
  • Always replace a fuse with the same size fuse. 
  • Create a circuit map that clearly identifies all outlets, fixtures, and major appliances each circuit serves. 


  • If an appliance repeatedly blows a fuse, trips a circuit breaker, or if it has given you a shock, unplug it and have it repaired or replaced. 


  • Check to see that the equipment is in good condition and is working properly. 
  • Look for cracks or damage to wires, plugs, and connectors. 
  • Use a surge protector bearing the seal of a nationally recognized certification agency. 
  • Make sure entertainment centers and computer equipment have plenty of space around them for ventilation. 

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