Down Power Lines

If you see a power line or any other wire on the ground, hanging too low or broken, DO NOT GO NEAR IT!  Report it immediately.

Lowell Light and Power’s first priority is the safety of its employees and the public. In addition to responding to customer outage calls following a storm, Lowell Light and Power’s crews patrol the service area to report on the extent of damages and dangerous conditions. 

Lowell Light and Power’s first efforts will be to clear and make safe all downed electrical wires.

An energized power line may not look dangerous but touching it or even getting too close could result in an electric shock or even death.  If the wire is touching any other object, such as a tree, house or vehicle, these items can also become energized and are therefore dangerous to touch.

In conclusion: If you see a power line down stay away, call for help and assist in keeping others at a safe distance until help arrives.

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