Lowell Light & Power
prides itself on being a responsive and community-friendly utility. We offer programs and services that enhance our customer's quality of life and make Lowell a better place to live. Our residential, commercial and industrial customers enjoy reliable power at low rates because we are community-owned. In addition to contributing to the city’s financial stability, Light & Power is also committed to investing in a wide variety of community-related projects ranging from environmental programs to education.

Emergencies & Power Outages
If you have a power outage or any other emergency in connection with our service, we can be reached 24 hours a day at 616-897-8402.

Latest News & Events

  • Lowell Light and Power and Consumers Energy - Recycling Event: Saturday, May 31st 9:00-noon

  • Click here Adopt-a-road clean up - Tuesday, April 22nd

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Lowell Light & Power

127 N. Broadway  •  Lowell, MI 49331  •  Phone: 616.897.8402  •  Fax: 616.897.4082  •  www.lowell-light.org

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