Our office phones are down. If you need to reach us, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

The 2021 Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) and Renewable Energy (RE) annual reports are now available.

You’ll find the details in the 2021 Annual Customer Summary, including links to the full 2021 Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) Report Summary and Renewable Energy Report Summary.

Protect Yourself from Utility Scams

We hear of scam calls being made every so often and we’ve received calls from customers that it is happening more recently.

If you are ever suspicious of the authenticity of a call, please hang up and call us directly at 616-897-8402.

Lowell Light & Power would NEVER:

  • Use an automated phone system to contact you
  • Have a third-party company contracted to call and discuss account information on our behalf
  • Request bank account information for a rebate
  • Demand immediate payment by pre-paid cards, cash packs, wire transfers, or anything untraceable
  • Require payment for quicker restoration if the power is out
  • Offer a discount or refund by requiring bank account information


Appliance Recycling Rebates Available for Lowell Light & Power Customers

Did you know Lowell Light & Power will pay customers for their old inefficient appliances, and we’ll come pick them up for FREE when they meet the requirements! Old appliances use more energy than current models and are more likely to contain dangerous refrigerants that can be harmful to the atmosphere if they were to leak.

The rebates range from $15 to $50 for refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners, dehumidifiers and mini refrigerators.

Program Conditions & Requirements:

Appliances must be in working condition
Participants must be Lowell Light & Power customers
Limit of two (2) large and two (2) small appliances per customer per year
Large appliances are eligible for free pickup on the third Tuesday of each month. Small appliances may be dropped off at the LL&P office (please call ahead) or can be picked up at the same time as large appliances
All appliances must be placed outside or in an accessible location (like the garage) for your scheduled pick up time

If you have questions, or would like to schedule a FREE pick-up appointment, please call Lisa at 616-421-2514 or send her an email at [email protected]

To learn more about our Energy Efficiency Programs, please visit our website

Lowell Light and Power, DDA, City of Lowell Collaborate to Bring New Customers to Downtown Businesses

Global EV sales increased greatly in both volume and market share in 2021, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency, who works with countries around the world to shape energy policies for a secure and sustainable future. “It’s expected that EV sales in the U.S. will grow from around 500,000 vehicles in 2021 to over 4 million in 2030,” according to visualcapitalist.com.

Lowell Light & Power was in the forefront of technology in 2017 when Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations were installed.  With growth in the EV Community and advances in technology, it was time to proceed with a second generation of chargers.

Working together for the community, in alignment with Downtown Development Authority’s mission to serve downtown, the City of Lowell, the DDA, LL&P and Flat River Electric collaborated to upgrade the two Electric Vehicle charging stations in downtown Lowell; making downtown Lowell a destination to EV drivers.

In early 2022, the DDA voted to take over control of the two charging stations and authorized the purchase of the upgraded stations. Lowell Light & Power and the City of Lowell evaluated the purchase and coordinated the efforts to get the new chargers installed. Flat River Electric helped bring this project to fruition by becoming certified for installation of ChargePoint charging stations. This enabled the use of a local contractor for the installation.


ChargePoint is one of the largest networks of electric vehicle charging stations in the US, including a map of stations throughout the state of Michigan. EV drivers will be able to locate our town on the ChargePoint map and save us as a favorite charging destination. ChargePoint’s app will provide EV drivers with additional information, including how much it costs to charge, how many charging spots are available, photos of where the stations are, as well as tips from other drivers.

The new charging stations were installed on Monday, April 11, 2022. Prior to the upgrade, Lowell’s charging stations could only charge one vehicle at a time, while the new chargers are dual port chargers, allowing two vehicles to charge at the same time. That means four vehicles can charge simultaneously.

Charging times range due to battery size, whether the battery is empty or just needs to be “topped up,” the car’s charging capacity, and even the weather.

With a charging station on both sides of the Flat River, EV drivers can easily enjoy the walkability of Lowell’s downtown area.  “These chargers put Lowell on the map for EV drivers. This will play a major role in attracting people from outside of our community to come visit Lowell. They can charge their vehicle while they eat and shop in our great downtown area,” said City Manager, Mike Burns.

LL&P is Having a Giveaway for AutoPay and Paperless Billing Users

We are pleased to offer our customers a new and improved Customer Portal experience. To celebrate, we are entering every LL&P customer that enrolls in AutoPay and / or Paperless Billing into a giveaway. Customers will receive 1 entry for enrolling in AutoPay or 1 entry for enrolling in Paperless Billing. Customers that enroll in BOTH will receive 3 entries.

We don’t want anyone to miss out, so we’re not holding the drawing until Monday, May 2nd. There’s plenty of time for everyone to create a Customer Portal account and enroll in one or both features. Customers that do not have an email won’t be able to create a portal account, but can still be enrolled in AutoPay with our assistance. Please give the office a call at 616-897-8402 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

We’ve made a handy password tracker that you can print and keep with your important papers, so you’ll always have your Customer Portal username and password at your fingertips. You can also download or print a copy of the instructions for navigating the portal.

Winning customer names will be randomly drawn on Monday, May 2nd. Winners will be notified by phone by Friday May 6th.

Click the link to print the PDF

LL&P Password Tracker _PDF
Portal Instructions_Printable PDF

Convenient Ways to Pay your Lowell Light & Power Bill

Lowell Light & Power offers multiple safe and convenient ways to pay your electric bill, without charging any additional fees. Whether you pay online, by phone or by text, or in the office, you will pay only the account balance. We know there are a few other services that try to look like they are a part of our company, but we do not recommend using those services. Not only will systems like DOXO charge a service fee, but the payment can take quite a long time to reach us. When in doubt, feel free to give our office a Customer calling Lowell Light & Power's Pay by Phonecall at 616-897-8402 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

To pay your Lowell Light and Power electric bill online, please use our new and improved Customer Portal. You can register an account or make payment as a guest. The payment will be reflected on your account within minutes.  If you prefer, you may Pay-by-Phone. You can use our automated phone system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Simply call 1-855-786-5356 and have your account number handy.

Lowell Light & Power Participates with New Program to Help Michiganders Stay in Their Homes

In February, Governor Whitmer launched a program for Michigan homeowners experiencing hardships related to Covid-19. The Homeowner Assistance Fund was established under section 3206 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, to prevent homeowner mortgage delinquencies, defaults, foreclosure, loss of utilities or home energy services and displacements of homeowners experiencing financial hardship.
Lowell Light & Power submitted a Provider Participation Agreement so that we can accept payments from DHS on behalf of MIHAF for our customers.

FAQs, details on eligibility, how to apply and more can be found here.

You can also view, download and print these flyers with contact information on how to apply; in English, Spanish or Arabic.

Lowell Light & Power and the The Lowell Rotary Club are having a Holiday Lighting Competition.

Lowell Light & Power and the The Lowell Rotary Club are once again hosting a Holiday Lighting Competition for customers of LL&P. There will be two winners – one commercial and one residential. The winners will be announced the week of December 13th. If you’d like to participate, please give LL&P a call today! 616-897-8402

Lowell Light and Power Announces the Appointment of Charlie West to the Michigan Municipal Electric Association Board of Directors

Lowell Light and Power has announced the appointment of Charlie West, General Manager to the Michigan Municipal Electric Association (MMEA) Board of Directors. The appointment was made during the MMEA Fall Membership Meeting in Lansing, Michigan on October 7, 2021. “Over the years, the MMEA has been well served by very capable community leaders who have stepped up to guide the Association,” said Kevin Cornish, incoming MMEA Board President, and Village Manager for the Village of Clinton, Michigan. “We are fortunate to have new leaders coming forward during this time of unprecedented change in the electric utility industry. The beneficiaries will be the residential and commercial rate payers in our public power communities, and statewide.”

As a member of the MMEA Board of Directors, Charlie West will serve as a channel for communication between MMEA Members, and state and national lawmakers and utility industry regulators, help shape Association positions on state and national legislation and regulation and help facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and education to MMEA Members on issues such as worker safety, power system management, system reliability, and technological change.

“I am so pleased to have Mr. West on our Board of Directors,” said MMEA Executive Director, Katie Abraham. “Each and every Member of our board has accepted the challenge of leadership during the most dynamic time since the creation of the electric utility industry. As the industry, government, and the public work together to build a cleaner and more sustainable electric grid, I feel privileged to be working with Board Members such as Charlie West.”

West obtained his BA in Environmental Studies from Denison University and his MBA from Bethel University. He has been involved in Public Power since 2008, working directly in Public Power since 2012. West served as Vice President of Business and Strategic Development at the Paris Board of Public Utilities before moving to Lowell, MI in 2020 with his wife, Whitney, and their two little girls. He has served as the Commissioner for Michigan Public Power Agency and has a strong background in serving the local community.

About the Michigan Municipal Electric Association
The Michigan Municipal Electric Association is Michigan’s trade group for municipally owned electric utilities, also known as Public Power utilities. The communities in Michigan that own and operate a municipal utility provide approximately 10% of the state’s total electricity requirements.